Thank you for supporting the Committee to Keep Justice David Thomson. Justice Thomson is pursuing public financing in order to keep large money out of judicial races.

However, the Voter Action Act allows the campaign to collect small donations from registered New Mexico voters not to exceed $100 per person.

Your contribution, not to exceed $100, will help the campaign reach the voters across the state of New Mexico.

Per the Judicial Code of Conduct, the Justice may not solicit donations or know who his donors are. This page - and contributions - are monitored and administered by The Committee to Keep Justice Thomson.


Paid for by The Committee to Keep Justice Thomson, Roxanne Lara, Treasurer

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The Committee to Keep Justice David Thomson is pursuing public financing. New Mexico Election Law allows us to collect contributions from New Mexico registered voters NOT to exceed $100 per donor in the 2020 Election Cycle. Only NM registered voters may donate; Business and corporate entities are not allowed to contribute. I certify that I am making this donation as an individual, and that I am registered to vote in the State of New Mexico.
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